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One of my oldest and of course best friends is having a baby. I am so excited to do her maternity, newborn, and first year of life pictures. So stay tuned over the next year and a half for some regular faces on this blog.  I am so excited to watch one of my favorite people evolve into the incredible mother I know she is going to be.

Monday she had her closest friends and family over for the gender reveal party. What is a gender reveal party one might ask? They scheduled their ultrasound months ago, sent out evites, talked with bakery about baking a cake with blue or pink in it depending on the gender of their baby.

So when the long awaited day arrived. They had the doctor give them two envelopes with the results of the gender one for them and one for the bakery. They took envelope to bakery and they baked a cake for them with gender specific icing inside. They had everyone arrive at 6:30 pm and they cut the cake to reveal if it was a boy or girl.

Dana and Jeff did not know until the cake was cut the gender of their baby. They waited until their closest friends and family were there.  It was so cool and I am so glad not only that I was part of it, but that i captured it.

The pictures of the big night.

The big reveal…

It’s a girl. The look of surprise is because we both (her and I) were convinced it was a boy. Everyone else was thinking girl.

They were so excited!

And Happy!

So many wonderful emotions!

The mommy to be on the phone with the nieces and nephews that could not make it.

I leave you with a quick belly shot we took. She was 20 weeks the day we took it and she looks fabulous. I can not wait to do her maternity session when she is at 32 weeks.

She is not even here and she is already so loved by so many. One very lucky little girl.


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My View From Above…

Some Posing…

Some Smiles…

Of course lots of silliness…

Some thinking…

We can’t forget the brother…

Some dancing…

More Silliness…

And crawling….

Stick pickup…

Worm inspecting:

And of course climbing…

It was an adventure as always. How can you not love fall.

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I have lived in this area my entire life. I never truly captured the beauty of it. I have decided to document the wonder of where I live. I love it here and plan to capture it through the seasons.

This is where I hike with the beast.

For anyone that might not know. This is the beast…
He loves to hike, he loves the outdoors. I completely understand why.

Summer is over here. The end of corn season.

New growth has begun.

I love this place.

And of course this dog:

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There is a new baby in the family and her name is Charlotte. Not only did I get to meet her when she was 9 days old, I also got to do her newborn pictures.

She was such an easy newborn to work with. She is perfect in every way.

What is it about baby feet, they are so cute.

And of course her big brother*.

*Cooper is the baby in the header on his blessing day. Hasn’t he gotten so big?

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