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I want to remember…

I want to remember when she sees me she yells my name out with such excitement like she hasn’t seen me in months. I love it even more when she yells it when she just saw me in the other room.


I want to remember when I pull out my camera that she instantly lunges at me so she can see the image on the back. She moves so fast I usually dont even have a chance to take a picture.


I want to remember her sitting at her little blue table in the kitchen and her love of crayons. I want to remember that she looks right at you with the crayon near the wall. Just close enough that she is about to write on the wall. With that naughty grin on her face.


I want to remember her love for Dora and Back Pack.


I want to remember how she runs around the house yelling “Dorya Dorya Dorya” and “BACKPACKBACKPACKBACKPACK” over and over again.


I want to remember how she carries around a tiny plastic Dora. How she takes her to bed with her and sleeps with her gripped in her little hands.


I want to remember her Dora obsession. I want to remember it because it is such a short period of time.


I just don’t want to forget it.


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My niece Charlotte turned 1 last Friday and we celebrated her big day with a family party on Saturday.

Charlotte has been one of the babies that I captured every three months for her first year of life. I am so glad I did. I will post her birthday pictures this week, but today I want to share her cake pictures. She loved it.







When Charlotte was done, her brother Cooper went at her cake. I won’t name any names on who encouraged him to eat like he was a competitive eater, but tomorrow I will show those pictures.

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So I have this problem. I have owned every generation of the iPhone ever made. I got the first two generations as hand me downs, so I didn’t have to buy them. There is a benefit to having a mom that can afford good technology, doesn’t really know how to use it, and then passes it down to me as payment for my on call technical skills.

So I bought the iPhone 4 today. However, I sold my 3Gs on Ebay and when all was said and done I made $50. Not too shabby.

Internets I give you my iPhone obsession:


Hi, my name is Kate and I am obsessed with my iPhone. Help.

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Noor aka Snowman White is the 5 year old in my life. She is the middle daughter of my sister for all that don’t already know. They just moved back to the states from Africa in June and live about 5 hours from me. I try and travel to VA Beach about once a month. Not too bad considering they live near the beach, they are super cute, and always excited when I come for a visit.

So I was here when Noor got off the bus. She was so excited…

In The Big K

Sister Love

to see:


her baby sister:


I mean seriously life couldn’t possibly get better than this.

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I committed to post 3 -4 times a week and today is post 2  in 2 days and I decided to incorporate my favorite 2 year old in the signature 2 year old dress. I am in VA beach visiting my sister and her babies.  It is so nice to have them back in the states and so close to home.

Anais also known as Babylicious turned 2 back in July. Katy also had her youngest Clover turn two. She made this incredibly adorable dress for her. She was kind enough to sell some in her Etsy Shop and I knew the perfect two year old for it. Katy is amazing with a camera, a sewing machine, and incredibly talented in so many other ways. She is the mother of 5 little girls. She is truly one of the luckiest ladies in the world. A house full of beautiful girls, seriously life doesn’t get much better than that.

So here is my photo documentation of Anais in her incredible C(Love)r Dress!






The 2 is shaped in to hearts and the buttons are Katy’s signature green. Incredibly well made and I am in love with it, along with the 2 year old who is modeling it.

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MJ2 Workshop

I was lucky enough to attend the MJ2 workshop this week. I met so many wonderful photographers and the amazing Melissa Jill. Who could not possibly be any sweeter. The workshop was packed full of information and I really feel like it helped me to gain the tools to make my business a true success. So please stay tuned because we are going to be doing a full overhaul here at Indigo Bleu.

Some of the fellow photographers at the workshop.





Our wonderful host Vanessa:



Seriously one of the sweetest and funniest gals ever. I plan to look her up next time I visit South Carolina.











Words can’t even begin to describe how funny I found Karen, I can’t wait to see her again. She needs to hurry up and get to Philadelphia.

There were 14 of us that attended the workshop. We had some time to shoot each other but unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to get everyone. I shared a sampling of the ladies I photographed. Tomorrow I will share the mock engagement shoot.

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I know it has been awhile. I have a lot to share, but I wanted to make sure I entered one of my favorite photos into the “I heart faces” photo contest this week. I promise more posts are coming but for now my entry!

Sara and Mike’s Engagement shoot:


I love this old car and I especially love them! Two of the sweetest, kindest, prettiest people I know. Inside and Out!

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