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Where have I been? Well my mom purchased a beach house on Friday and my family has been soaking up the sun, beach, house, and love this weekend.


I promise more photos and posts to come this week. I am off to bed. I am exhausted from all this fun!


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Happiness is…


AnaisShoesHappiness is Babylicious eating breakfast in the kitchen at the beach house with her Ruby Red Slippers on the seat next to her.


Happiness is the natural light that floods into the kitchen in the early mornings. Sitting around the island eating breakfast and having coffee with my family.

Chasing Sea Gulls!

Happiness is walking to the beach in October when no one is around and chasing sea gulls in your shorts.

Ocean Love

Happiness is swimming in the ocean in your jeans without a care in the world. Giggling as the waves crash into you. Happy to be one with the earth.


Happiness is cousins and the bond that is irreplaceable. My cousins are some of my closest friends. We spent summers at the beach together growing up. We were surrounded by each other and loved every minute of it.


Happiness is the island covered in butterflies. Everywhere you look surrounded by beauty.

Happiness is my family. Without them this place wouldn’t mean nearly as much.


I added this to the 10.10.10 group on Flickr. I hope you took a picture today. If you did you should share it. Leave a comment and I will come and check it out.


October 10th, A most auspicious day

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A few months ago I photographed Miss Molly at Longwood Gardens. Her mama and I talked about getting her pictures done at the beach. So this summer we all happened to be at the beach  at the same time so we got together to capture Miss Molly.

They arrived right before Sunset and Miss Molly fell asleep five minutes from the beach. She woke up when they got there and did a great job. She smiled and played. Towards the end of the shoot she had enough and declared “NO MORE PICTURES MRS. KATE”



I think this might be my favorite picture of the night:





And of course the butterfly princess had to make her appearance on the beach!


I had a great time with Molly and her mama! Hopefully Molly wasn’t serious about No More Pictures because she is so darn cute and I really enjoy taking them.

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Tonight I took the kids to Sunset Beach in Cape May and met up with my mom (their gran) who was shopping in Cape May today.

I decided to bring along the big camera so I could get some good pictures at sunset. I also wanted to see the flag ceremony I had heard about. I went a few weeks ago with some girlfriends and their kids, but we were not there for the ceremony.

So we ate dinner at the Grill which was very good food. Some of us swam in the bay (Abby and Me), however quickly got out when a kid caught a baby shark less than a 100 yards from us. We climbed rocks, dug for diamonds, skipped rocks, and had an all around great time.

Brett stopped climbing the rocks for the ceremony, Held his hand over his heart throughout the entire ceremony and then after the flag was lowered Brett looked at me and said “I can’t hear anything. I have absolutely no idea what they just said”and then went back on his way climbing rocks.

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The M Family

On July 4th I met up with the M family on one of my favorite beaches to capture this wonderful family.

It also happened to be Miss E’s 2nd birthday. This little Fire Cracker was born on the 4th of July! What a lucky girl to be born on America’s birthday!

I had a great time with this great family. Happy 4th Of July and Happy Birthday Miss E!

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Today I started my morning off with a photoshoot of a wonderful family vacationing on the Jersey Shore.

I spent the rest of the day on a friend’s boat sans kids. It was wonderful.

I came back to the beach house, took a nap, had a big clam bake with the family and finished off the day with Fire Works on the beach.

This is the view I see every day on my way to the beach. The flags make me smile everytime I see them.

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Shutter Shades are all the new rage…according to the teens and pre-teens in my life.

The side pony tail is totally back in style! Also these two spent a long time getting ready to go to the board walk. They aren’t even teenagers yet. We are so in trouble in a few years!

And I finally saw and purchased Silly bands up close. They are silly. Also a complete waste of money but a fun waste! He has another whole package making a grand total of 40 silly bands. And the answer is yes…he does wear them all on one arm at one time.

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