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My niece Charlotte turned 1 last Friday and we celebrated her big day with a family party on Saturday.

Charlotte has been one of the babies that I captured every three months for her first year of life. I am so glad I did. I will post her birthday pictures this week, but today I want to share her cake pictures. She loved it.







When Charlotte was done, her brother Cooper went at her cake. I won’t name any names on who encouraged him to eat like he was a competitive eater, but tomorrow I will show those pictures.


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I know it has been awhile. I have a lot to share, but I wanted to make sure I entered one of my favorite photos into the “I heart faces” photo contest this week. I promise more posts are coming but for now my entry!

Sara and Mike’s Engagement shoot:


I love this old car and I especially love them! Two of the sweetest, kindest, prettiest people I know. Inside and Out!

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A few months ago I photographed Miss Molly at Longwood Gardens. Her mama and I talked about getting her pictures done at the beach. So this summer we all happened to be at the beach  at the same time so we got together to capture Miss Molly.

They arrived right before Sunset and Miss Molly fell asleep five minutes from the beach. She woke up when they got there and did a great job. She smiled and played. Towards the end of the shoot she had enough and declared “NO MORE PICTURES MRS. KATE”



I think this might be my favorite picture of the night:





And of course the butterfly princess had to make her appearance on the beach!


I had a great time with Molly and her mama! Hopefully Molly wasn’t serious about No More Pictures because she is so darn cute and I really enjoy taking them.

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I am offering classes locally  (Limerick, PA) on learning how to use your DSLR. I will be offering classes in September, October, and November. The classes will run for three consecutive weeks. Each class is an hour and half and will cover the following:

Class 1: Getting to know your DSLR and Terminology

Class 2: Bracketing, ISO, White Balance,  &  Complete Camera Control

Class 3: The “Rules” Of Photography

The cost for all three classes plus materials* is $100. If you are interested in taking a  class please contact me at indigobleuphotography at gmail dot com and I will forward you more information. I am currently in the process of setting up online classes. Please contact me if you are interested in online classes.

*Materials does not include a DSLR. You will need to own or borrow a DSLR for the classes. Materials will however cover all documentation for the classes. Amazing A

Sweet Pup

Sidi Bou Said

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I decided to participate in “I heart faces” this week and the theme is “Got to wear shades.”

Got To Wear Shades Photo Challange

This is one of my all time favorite photos. I think it was because I spent the entire weekend with her and her baby brother. We went to our favorite restaurant after a big photo shoot in front of the big turquoise door at my mom’s This kid never leaves me without a laugh. She sat at the breakfast table wearing her sun glasses. I took some pictures of her and then I took one on my cell phone to send to her Mommy and she was looking out at me over the sunglasses. I started laughing and she asked me what I was laughing at? I told her that I was laughing at her because she was looking at me over her glasses. She takes them off and I told her she did not have to and her response…

“Well Kate, I could not see!”

I love that she sat there for 20 minutes before ever saying anything.

I mean seriously she is hysterical!

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I finally after months of indecision choose the logo. I looked at them over and over and could not make up my mind. Then I had you all vote and then I waited. I kept going back and looking again and again and finally decided enough is enough. I made the executive to decision to just pick. My mind was screaming”Lady would you just pick a logo already.” And well here you go the new Indigo Bleu Photography Logo.

The Logo has been choosen

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A few weeks ago I got to meet the four Z kids.  The four of them four and under! They are adorable.  I have known their mama most of my life. We grew up together and I was excited when she asked me to take some pictures for her husband for Father’s Day. We might have picked one of the hottest days in June. We found ourselves in the garden at a local bed and breakfast where we tried to get some shots of Cash, Charleigh, Chance, and Sunny. There were three adults and four kids. The kids gave us quite a workout, but we managed to get some great shots! I love the group shots, because what we captured is definitely what it is like to try and get four little ones to sit still and smile. It is near impossible.

I give you from oldest to youngest:





The Fab Four:

I love the next image because it cracks me up every single time I look at it. Seriously Cash gave me the thumbs up. I am guessing he approved!

And I leave you with one last one of Sunny. I went back about a week later and took some of just Sunny. She has some stunning blue eyes on her!

Happy Father’s Day 2010!

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