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There are so many changes going on right now. I am in the process of building a new website and blog in between photo shoots and traveling. I will be traveling now until next May. I have trips planned almost every week from now until the end of the year as well. I promise to keep the posts coming. I am traveling for Photography and I am so very lucky to be doing so.

Since this is a photography blog. I give you some pictures from the other night when I went to game 2 of the National League Championship where the Phillies played the Giants. I went with my brother and his two oldest kids. I had no idea our seats were as good as they were when I bought them. We had cheese steaks from Tony Luke’s for dinner. Abby had a hot dog for her Gran (my mom) because my mom gave up her ticket so Abby could go. My mom joked that she only wanted to go for a hot dog. So Abby ate one for her. She also had Nachos and Cotton Candy. I love that girl. We had a great time and the Phillies won!












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I went to see Miss Ella again last week and this time I got to take her newborn pictures.

She is such a sweet baby and surrounded by a house full of love. She is lucky enough to have three big sisters who love her immensely.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Ella with her oldest sister Grace

Ella with her sister Anna!

Ella with her sister Kathryn

These girls are always so much fun. I am lucky enough to get to go and play with Miss Ella and her sisters on Thursday night. We have Christening gown pictures to get done and of course a little bit of loving. Okay a lot of loving will be going on. Maybe a few more newborn pictures because who can resist a sweet newborn!

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These two sisters will be 1 on March 5th. They are too sweet and I was lucky enough to photograph their first birthday portraits.

Meet Bella…

Meet Gabby…

The Girls Together…

They were both so happy. Gabby is fast. She was constantly on the go. At one point the cat got into the mix and the girls were so excited to see her.

Before the shoot was over we got some pictures with the girls and their parents.

They were so much fun to work with and I am really happy I finally got to meet these little beauties and their parents.

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This past weekend I went to New York to visit with some of my favorite photographers. They are the photographers I have befriended because of 365. Some of us are doing it again. I must say that this time around I am really enjoying it. I am doing it for me, I am doing it to keep in touch with some of my favorites. It is not about the best picture it is about just getting out the camera and capturing my daily life.

So anyway I spent last weekend in New York State. Here are some of my favorite pictures.

My friend Tamme’s brother lives next door. He has a “man cave” in his back yard. The world’s greatest “MAN CAVE!”

So of course the girls and I had to invade the said “man cave”.

And of course a couple of self portraits!


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I am starting to offer a package known as “The First Year Of Life”. It includes a newborn session with in the first two weeks of life, a 3-month session, a 6-month session, a 9-month session, and a baby’s first birthday session. I am proud to announce the first baby boy in this series. I have two sweet girls set up as well. Charlotte who was born in September and a new baby girl due in early Spring.

Here is Baby C, he was 16 days old at his first session:

He will be 3 months old on the 28th of November. I can’t wait to see how much he has grown.

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A few weeks ago I promised a certain someone that if she stayed in her bed all night for two nights I would come over after work and watch “Snowman” White with her.

She did so I followed through on my promise.

So we made popcorn and added M & M’s!

And ate it of course:

When I said what could be better than popcorn and M&M’s? Her response was JUST M&M’s. She is such a smart girl!

We danced like every princess should:

We of course had to watch the movie:

A good night was had by all:

All this while wearing our “Snowman” White dress and shoes!

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